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I am verified by: Preferred 411: #P234724.

You are booking a private modeling session with me, Tori. In order to verify who I am seeing, I will need your verification info. Please copy and paste the verification info below that I require, complete the details and Email it to me at with as complete as possible. This info will be discreetly used solely for my safety and assurance.

1. Your Full Name that matches your ID and/or Passport;
2. Date of Birth;
3. Cell #;
4. City & State of Residence;
5. Picture ID or a website with your photo on it;
6. IF you are a member of Preferred 411 – please personal message me through that website so i can be sure you are indeed a member. IF you are not, then answer N/A;
7. Your Employment Info to discreetly verify. I will need: Company Name – Company Website Address & Your Title/Job Position;
8. IF you have private model references/providers – meaning in the same field where you found me that you have seen in the past that are willing to vouch for you, please send their website address and email address. I only accept references that advertise in the USA on: Eros – Slixa – City-Source. IF you do not have any references, then answer N/A;
9. Date of Booking – Location of Meeting – Time of Meeting – Duration/# of Hours of Meeting (Example: 2 Hours – 1/2 Day – Weekend, Etc.)
10. Tell me something interesting about yourself:

Cancellation Policy

Once I have committed myself to our meeting, I will not cancel. I put a lot of time and a significant amount of effort into my look to prepare for our scheduled session. IF for any reason our meeting may need to be cancelled or rescheduled by you, please text or email me as soon as possible. My world consists of frequent traveling/jet setting. I carefully schedule my time and when to board the next flight out around my bookings which another words means you and I and make my clients #1 priority. Therefore, it is imperative that I have a cancellation policy due to my hectic traveling schedule between both my residences on the east coast (Tampa, Florida) and west coast (Los Angeles, California) along with my “Fly Me In” bookings of which I have clients that fly me in to them wherein I can be found anywhere in the U.S. or even overseas. Below I have outlined said cancellation policy as follows:

For Any CANCELLATION with a rescheduled date, funds sent will be applied to the new rescheduled meeting as follows:

48 Hours cancellation, a 25% fee of the time slotted which will be applied to the new rescheduled meeting
24 Hours cancellation, a 50% fee of the time slotted which will be applied to the new rescheduled meeting

Any CANCELLATION without a rescheduled date a cancellation fee schedule is as follows:

48 Hours cancellation, a 25% fee of the time slotted
24 Hours cancellation, a 50% fee of the time slotted

I will provide you my business account info to send the cancellation funds which is simple and easy to do and convenient for both parties. All you need is my business account email address and its done. You do not have to be a member of any kind of money transfer service. If you are unable to agree to the cancellation policy, then I suggest seeking another model.

I will NOT consider a second chance to meet you IF you are a: No show or a last minute cancellation and/or you do not honor the cancellation fee. Should the above cancellation policy not be followed, I will mark you as a “Do Not See” in the models database so that other providers know of your behavior. Said database is used by all the independent models to help save us from any kind of negative experiences.




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